Benita Hewitt is a highly experienced practitioner with over 30 years working in research and strategy. Experience includes:

Benita has been told many times by others that one of her greatest qualities is the passion she has for research, and the total belief in the power of research insights to make a real difference. That passion and belief comes from over 30 years experience of seeing changes as a result of research in action.

In her spare time she is a musician, mainly playing flute and accordion in a variety of ensembles from pit orchestras to barn dance bands.

Tim has been working with Benita for many years but officially started his Market research career in 2011 following the completion of his degree. His particular interests include modelling complex systems and he brings experience of desk research and data management to the team.

During his first year with 9dot Tim had much to learn and was challenged regularly. His first solo, face to face interview was with a homeless man who had been a professional footballer. Tim also tackled the analysis of open response data from over 1200 young people worldwide in 4 different languages using specialist software.

Tim also demonstrated his presenting skills when presenting the findings in Malaysia, to an audience of 300 people, from 120 countries, with simultaneous translation into 3 other languages.

He also has particular expertise with C, C++ and IDL / GDL a programming language suited to extracting information from unstructured, typically observational data, including imagery, and these are suited to situations where a custom analytic process is required, particularly with business process data.

During his time at the University of Leicester he maintained his interest in sport and music and managed to combine these with a successful degree in Physics with Planetary Science.

9dot-research works with a range of other researchers and agencies, supplying fieldwork, data processing, consultancy and whatever else might be required to best meet the needs of clients.

We also work closely with Bailey, the resident office puppy!!

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