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Originally established by Benita Hewitt in June 1987 - now with almost 40 years of high-profile research expertise - the business has traded as ‘Benita Hewitt – Research Consultancy’, ‘BA Research’, and ‘Christian Research Consultancy’, before becoming 9dot-research in 2011.

If you'd like to know more, find Benita Hewitt on LinkedIn, where you can see more detail on my vast experience, clients, projects and drop me a message. 


We called ourselves 9dot-research after the well-known 9dot puzzle. You are probably familiar with the 9dot puzzle which presents 9 dots in a square where the challenge is to connect the dots by drawing four straight, continuous lines that pass through each of the nine dots, without lifting the pencil from the paper. The puzzle seems difficult because most people usually imagine a boundary around the edge of the dots. The puzzle can only be solved by ‘thinking outside the box’.

We chose the name 9dot-research because much of our research involves helping people and organisations that have issues to resolve. We take a fresh look at these issues, often thinking ‘outside the box’, and develop research solutions to resolve the issues.

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About us